Your risk assessment method statements play an essential part in your company

When working on Construction sites, the main contractor will check your Construction method statements and risk assessments to ensure that they are legally compliant and meet their minimum requirements.

The method statement provides a safe system of work for your employees or subcontractors to follow, ensuring that your company is fully compliant with current legislation and the requirements of the main contractor.

Construction Method Statement

RMT Solutions can also help develop your risk assessments detailing the hazards and the control measures; risk assessments are a legal requirement.

RMT Solutions will conduct a site inspection on your request and provide advice where necessary, covering the safety of your employees, other trades, and the General public.





What is a method statement

Method statements are significant to the health and safety within the construction industry. The method statement document is used along with the risk assessment, ensuring that high-risk tasks are conducted safely.

The purpose of the method statement will detail how the activity will be conducted safely, it will describe the process, the persons involved and their tasks, the PPE that will be required, how the work areas will be segregated, what plant and tools will be used.

What is the difference between a Risk Assessment and a Method Statement

Risk assessments are used to identify hazards and risks involved in the work activity process, and from the identification, the process will produce control measures. The method statement will then be produced using the control measures to ensure that the work process will be conducted in a safe and controlled manner.

The importance of Good Quality Method Statements

Method statements in the construction industry are extremely important, a construction site constantly changes, and some activities on a construction site involve high-level risk tasks.

A good quality method statement will provide confidence to the main contractor that you care about the health and safety of your employees and others, and you have taken the time to plan and minimise all risks as reasonably practicable and within current legislation and to the minimum standards of the main contractor.


Construction Method Statement

Preparing and completing Construction Method Statements for companies across the Northwest and on request most of the UK.


risk assessment method statement
Construction method statement
Construction method statement


We Are Committed To Helping Our Customers Overcome Any Challenge And Be Compliant

We offer Construction Method Statements that are 100% fit for purpose. RMT solutions submit method statements to the UK’s main contractors every day so we know what is required and what standard is expected.

We can visit your site and produce a site-specific method statement that will cover all the steps of the work that will be carried out and at the same time. We can also complete the risk assessments as part of the documentation submitted.

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Construction Method Statements


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