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Construction Site Tower Crane Lift Plan

RMT Solutions can help with the preparation of your Construction Site Tower Crane Lift Plan for construction sites. All lifting operations on construction sites should be planned to ensure that all lifts are completed safely.

The principal contractor should appoint the appointed person to write the Tower Crane Lift Plan on construction sites where the main contractor has initiated the base design, installation, and tower crane hire.

Several sub-contractors on-site may use the tower crane and appoint their Appointed Person for their lifting operations, but they will remain subservient to the principal contractor appointed person.

We can provide an appointed person for the main contractor or act as the subcontractor’s appointed person.

For a quotation for a site visit, writing the lift plan and risk assessment, please use the contact form or telephone for more information.

Construction Site Tower Crane Lift Plan
Tower Crane Block
Construction site Tower Crane Lift Plan
Construction Site Tower Crane



Our Consultant holds CPCS Appointed Person training and has more than 20 years of experience within the industry.


Qualified In Health And Safety

Our Consultant also holds a Diploma in Health and Safety and hold membership of IOSH and IIRSM.



Our consultant has more than 30 year’s experience in lifting and Health and Safety.



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With Decades Of Proven Experience, Our Team Is Prepared To Help You With Your Lift Planning.



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Our consultants prepare Construction Tower Crane lift plans for Main Contractors and subcontractors, ensuring the correct equipment and accessories are selected.

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Our consultants have all the necessary qualifications in Lifting operations CPCS (A61) and a Diploma in Health and Safety.




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