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Risk Assessment

What an Employer Must do

As an employer your required by law to protect your employees and others from harm.

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Risk assessments

Who should conduct a health and safety risk assessment

The law also requires employers to have health and safety assistance from a competent person. This is defined as someone with sufficient training and knowledge of evaluating hazards.  we can provide health and safety consultancy to a range of business. We can carry out your risk assessments. 

What is a health and safety risk assessment

by completing a health and safety assessment you can identify hazards within your workplace.


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Our Consultancy

Specialties Area

We are Specialised in the following areas. Our consultant has achieved a Deploma in Health and Safety as well as being fully trained to CPCS A61 Appointed Person for lifting operations. 

Construction Safety
Lifting Operations
Steel Erection Safety
Health and Safety
Health and Safety Advice

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Guides provided by the HSE

The Guides are provided by the HSE whether you are a small or large business.