Telehandler Lift Plan

RMT Solutions can help with the preparation of Telehandler Lift Plans for construction sites. All lifting operations on construction sites should be planned to ensure that all lifts are completed safely.

We can help by producing the lift plan and risk assessments and providing an auditing service to ensure that you are legally compliant.

Our Consultant holds CPCS Appointed Person training and has more than 20 years of experience within the industry.

Our Consultant also holds a Diploma in Health and Safety and hold membership of IOSH and IIRSM.

For further guidance on telehandlers on construction sites, please click the link below.

Telehandler Lift Plan Construction site

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Lift Plan

Lifting Operations

It is essential that all lifts are planned to ensure that they are carried out
safely and that all foreseeable risks have been taken into account.

Poor planning is one of
the major causes of accidents arising from the use of telehandlers and the responsibility for
planning tasks lies with the employer who is undertaking that task.

Telehandler Lift planning

With more of the leading contractors asking their subcontractors for Telehandler lift plans when working on their site, you must have the correct documentation in place before starting on site. Our appointed person can complete the initial site visit and select the most suitable Telehandler and options such as lifting accessories.

Our appointed person will then prepare and issue the lift plan allowing you to start on-site without delays to your project.

If you require further information or a price to conduct the work, please use the contact form or telephone direct.

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