Lift Plan

The principal contractor should appoint the appointed person to write the Tower Crane Lift Plan on construction sites where the main contractor has initiated the base design, installation, and tower crane hire.

Several sub-contractors on-site may use the tower crane and appoint their Appointed Person for their lifting operations, but they will remain subservient to the principal contractor appointed person.

We can provide an appointed person for the main contractor or act as the subcontractor’s appointed person.

For a quotation for a site visit, writing the lift plan and risk assessment, please use the contact form or telephone for more information.


Site Visit

Carry out a site visit to identify the task to be undertaken.


Carry out a risk assesment

Identify the hazards associated with the task


Lift Plan method statement

Develop the method to be used


Lifting operations Audit

Audit the lifting operations to ensure compliance

Tower Crane Lift Plan Method Statement

Once the Tower Crane Lift plan has been developed it should then be recorded in a method statement 


LOLER regulations state that all lifting operations must be appropriately planned so anyone completing a crane lift must have a method statement and risk assessment. we can provide you with both the method statement produced by a competent person..

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Tower Crane Lift Plan

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